Coins are probably the most important in-game currency in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Getting them can be frustrating and extremely time-consuming. However, there is another method, which is not well-known. It is one of the biggest secrets in the FUT community!

Trading? Opening packs? FUT Champions Cup?

Honestly, there are several ways to get FUT coins, but most of them will either make you spend a lot of real money or they will cost you a lot of time. It can be a real pain to play hundreds or thousands of games just to get one or two awesome players. We don’t recommend this option. It can be much easier and faster! Also, don’t rely on opening packs. Especially at the beginning of the new FUT season, the drop rate is extremely low. The chances you will get Messi, Ronaldo or even an Icon is unbelievably low. Don’t waste your time or money.

The FIFA 21 Coin Generator

The huge advantage of the FIFA 21 coin generator is you don’t need to download it. Unlike many other FIFA 21 hacks and cheats you can find online, the generator can be used on any device. Access it through your phone, tablet or your PC. Proxies and encryption methods have been implemented already and there is literally no one who will ever find out you used the hack.

You can find the FIFA 21 hack in here

Since FIFA 11 millions of players used the FIFA coins hack and no one ever got banned. Have you ever heard of someone who got banned using hacks or cheats? We didn’t. This is not an auto buyer. You don’t buy the coins. You are generating them!

fifa 21 coin generator

Generate unlimited free FIFA 21 coins and points

Imagine you could get any player you like and open as many FUT gold packs as you wish. It is possible! The FIFA 21 hack lets you generate an incredible number of free FUT 21 coins and points. You will never need to worry about how many coins or points you have left. You can spend them all, after this use the FIFA 21 hack again. It is the most helpful tool at the moment. The only reason you don’t hear about it on YouTube or Twitch is that it is way too powerful.

Find out more about the FIFA 21 coin generator

Take full advantage of the coins hack

Let’s imagine you want to get Maradona and Pele in your team. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be lucky or spent time doing unbearable SBCs. You only need the FIFA 21 hack and generator. Open the online generator, enter your username, choose the platform you are playing on and enter the number of free coins and points you want. A few more steps and you will receive all the coins on your account. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing on an Xbox, PlayStation or PC. It works on all devices!

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