EA has added Bastian Schweinsteiger (former FC Bayern, Manchester United and Chicago) and Philipp Lahm (former FC Bayern) to the game.
Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger will most likely be a CM/CDM in his prime Icon, while his first Icon will be very likely a left- or right- midfielder. At the beginning of his career he played on the wing. Hopefully, he will have enough pace with his LM/RM card, otherwise, he would be quite useless on the wing.


Philipp Lahm

Another German player, which has been really successful with FC Bayern Munich. Lahm is very likely to be an RB/LB.

Let’s wait for the official cards and the ratings!

Two other FUT Icons have been released earlier this week. Petr Cech and Eric Cantona!

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