Every year various cheats and hacks are released for FIFA Ultimate Team. The big problem: After some time they just stop working. As a result, many players think that these hacks are just cheats or fakes. The only reason for this is that the cheats just didn’t work properly at that specific time.

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You can be sure that our FIFA 21 coin generator is always up to date. Nevertheless, it could be that EA will release such a heavy and new update sometime, that we have to check ourselves what has been changed and how we can fix possible problems. How long this takes depends on the scope of the update. At FIFA 20 there were some big updates and sometimes it took days until we could find out what was changed.

Our cheats and hacks are by far the best way to get free FUT 21 coins and points. You shouldn’t miss this chance in any case. These in-game currencies are incredibly important in the game and can decide how often you win, how many goals you score and much more!

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The reason why most hacks stop working

You probably already know the reason. Electronic Arts releases new patches or updates for the game almost every week. This causes the FIFA 21 coin generator to stop working correctly for a short time. The developers have to adapt it or sometimes even change it completely. This was the case with the cheats and hacks in the last years. But sometimes the developers lose interest in the hack and simply devote themselves to another project. This makes the hack suddenly not up to date anymore.

Do not misunderstand. The main blame lies not with the developers of the Online Generator, but with the developers of FUT, who constantly and repeatedly change the game.

Do not wait too long!

It can happen practically any time that EA will release a new update for FIFA Ultimate Team. This will most likely cause that the FIFA 21 coins hack will not work for some time. At least until the developers of the hack have made some changes.

For this reason, we simply advise you to use the FIFA 21 coins hack as soon as you see it. It is available in several different languages such as english, french and spanish.

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