Every single year the same: FIFA is full of glitches and bugs, which makes the game less fun. An example is the kick-off glitch, which hasn’t been fixed for several years. Also in FIFA 20 there was a kind of kick-off glitch, where you could just run through the whole opponent team directly after the kick-off. But how about glitches and bugs on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

What are glitches and bugs?

Glitches are specific tweaks in a game, which can lead to a specific action. Let us take FIFA Ultimate Team for example. The kick-off glitch was a real glitch. Another glitch were the finesse shots, which had a very high chance of scoring. Some people also call it “overpowered”. Especially some skills like the “ball roll” or the “drag back” can also be abused in the game.

It is a big problem, because at some point it doesn’t matter anymore how good you are, but only if you can take advantage of the glitches. The more glitches you take advantage of the higher is your chance to win the game. It makes the game become like an arcade game, where a specific action will bring a specific result. It absolutely doesn’t fit into eSports or FIFA in general.

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No pressing, no chances

If you are a competitive gamer you probably came across this situation. Your players are simply not pressing. No matter if its the 80th minute and your opponent is taking the 1-0 lead. He can simply pass the ball around and your players are just watching, even if you try everything to bring them upfront and try to make them press high. This is a real glitch because you basically have very less chances to score a goal or even to get the ball. The glitch has been taken advantage of the whole year and you could see some streamer on Twitch and YouTube getting really mad.

Terrible servers or glitches?

We were researching bugs and glitches on FUT for a pretty long time and we came to the conclusion they are happening mostly because the EA servers are extremely bad. The servers just can’t keep up with the pace of the game. Therefore it leads to terrible glitches and bugs. In the UK the servers are pretty fine, the same goes for Germany, France, and other Western countries like the US, but how about Asia? How about Eastern European countries? It is absolutely terrific. It is like playing a whole different game.

Your location really has a huge impact on the performance of the game. The same goes for the glitches and bugs. This is the reason why some people don’t experience any glitches or weird situations and others are experiencing them every single match. This is also the reason, why you almost never see such glitches and bugs on big tournaments like the FIFA eWorld Cup. They are playing on local servers, of course, they don’t rely on the crooked and broken EA servers.

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The FIFA 21 coins and points glitch

The FIFA coin glitch exists for so many years and therefore some guys could develop a FIFA coin generator year after year. It has been like 8 years already since the FIFA coins hack has been introduced first. It makes it possible for everyone to generate free FIFA coins and points. Until 2016 people had to download the FIFA Ultimate Team hack, but after that, they easily run the FIFA coin generator on their smartphone or PC. It is definitely a great way to earn free coins.

Also in FIFA 21 there is this glitch, where you can get free FIFA 21 coins and points. We were looking for the best possible hack and found it. Here you can access the FIFA 21 coin generator for Ultimate Team. It works on all platforms! Make sure you already have created a club on FUT. Simply create the club on the FUT Companion or the Web App, if you don’t have the full version of the game yet.

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