It has been 10 years since the first FIFA Coin Generator has been released. Since then players worldwide could generate free FIFA coins and points for Ultimate Team every single year.

This year you will also be able to use a new and updated version. The FIFA 21 coin generator will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can use it on all platforms, at any time, and wherever you are. We will make sure you can run it on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or directly on your gaming system.

fifa 21 coins generator

Get free FIFA 21 coins and points

If you want to get a great team right from the beginning of the new game you should instantly use the FIFA 21 hack right after you created the team. As you might think there won’t be extraordinary players on the transfer market at this time. Therefore you must open as many packs as possible. Guess what? There will only be normal Premium Goldsets available at this time. No Jumbo Premium Goldsets or other special packs. This means you will only get 3 rare cards and some of them might be player contracts or fitness.

It is important to have as much free FIFA 21 points and coins as possible. The best thing that can happen to you is if you could get the best possible players as soon as possible. Why? Because you will have a huge advantage over other gamers. Unfortunately, it is true. If your team is so much better than your opponent’s team your chances to win are way higher. Use the FIFA 21 coins hack and start getting awesome players, which will help you to win matches!

fifa 21 ultimate team coin generator

You don’t need to download the FIFA 21 Generator

If you ever come across a website, which wants you to download the FIFA 21 coin generator, don’t do it. Don’t even consider doing it. This year it is fully online. The whole process is online. You don’t need to download any weird files on your PC or smartphone in order to successfully use the FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team. You can run it on your smartphone, no matter if its an iOS or Android device, and you can also run it on your PC. To use it you only need a working internet connection and you should already have created a club.

fifa 21 coin generator

Create a club and use the hack

Before you use the FIFA 21 coins hack you need a club. You have to start the new FIFA 21 Web App or the FUT Companion at least once to create your team. After this, the coins and points will be added to your account. By the way, the Web Application on will be released earlier than the FUT Companion for iOS and Android. Therefore we recommend you check out the Web App first.

We will publish the new FIFA 21 coin generator once it has been released. We guess it will be ready at the same time when the game has been released. Until then you can check out our latest tips and tricks for FUT.

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