Also this year there are some new features in the career mode of FIFA 21 and the demands of the community on EA are very high. Many players think that the career mode does not get much attention and is neglected. Did EA Sports manage to satisfy the community this year? Or are the “features” just a pure joke? You can decide for yourself.

We have summarized all the new features here:

An “even” smarter opponent AI

The opposing AI should now be able to adapt even more to your playing style so that the players are more varied.

But I wouldn’t go too far out of the window regarding AI and FIFA. The AI in the last years was terrible. It can only get better.

New detailed match simulation

During the simulation, you can take part in the events of the game and jump into the game to take part in penalties, free kicks, etc. So it is possible to switch back and forth between the simulation and the actual game. This way you have even more control over what is happening, even when you are not playing yourself. Add to that lots of statistics about the performance of each player, the state of the game, and much more. Of course, you can also influence the tactics, strategies, and behavior of the players.

Player development

From now on you will also have an influence on the positions your players play on. You can turn a defender into a striker and vice versa. So you can develop individual players as you like and adjust them to fit perfectly into your team. As a coach, you will be much more flexible.

A new training system

Even more statistics about the performance and condition of your players. There is also a new attribute which is supposed to show how high the probability is that a certain player will perform well in a certain game. To improve the fitness and commitment of your players, EA has introduced a new training system this year, where you as a coach can have more influence on the performance of your players. For example, you can create training groups to train certain attributes. Sounds pretty promising.

New transfer options

In the career mode of FIFA 21, you will have more options to buy or sell players. For example with purchase options, payment in installments, fixed redemption amounts, set future redemption amounts, and much more.

Even more time management

Now you can plan training sessions even more effectively. Decide when to train and when to give your players a rest. So you can influence the fitness and readiness for action.

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Find more information on the official EA Sports YouTube channel

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