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We already run two very successful blogs about FIFA Ultimate Team. However, we try to stay anonymous, since we become an easy target if we make public who we are. You have to understand it is about a lot of money here. EA Sports earns millions every single year just because of Ultimate Team. We found a way how you can get free FIFA coins and points in your team without spending any money.

The FIFA 21 coin generator is here!

We don’t say who developed the FIFA 21 coin generator and also we protect our sources. What you can know is the FIFA 21 hack is working perfectly on every system. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing on the PC, PS4, PS5 or the Xbox One. You can run it everywhere and it works for every gaming console.

Thousands of satisfied users

The FIFA Ultimate Team hack doesn’t exist since this year. It already exists for around 10 years, no joke. It is quite old actually. Most of the players already know about the FIFA coin generator, but only a few of them actually used it. If you haven’t heard of it before you can now take full advantage of the hack and start generating free coins and points.

We help you out!

First of all: We don’t earn any money from this. Our website is free to use. If you need any help with the FIFA 21 coin generator or other cheats you can contact us. We also made a tutorial on how to use the FIFA 21 hack. Check it out here.

At the moment the hack is available in several different languages including English, Italian and French. 

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